Facts about ESGE

Here You will find the information you need to fly to Borås Airport.
Please also visit Weather and Route planning.

Latitude / Longitude:
57.695599 / 12.842800
57 41.735916 N / 12 50.568008 E
N 57°41’44 / E 012°50’34
57414400N, 012504200E

Borås Airport has air radiofrequency 123,525 MHz.
The airport has no scheduled crew, but take-off and landning is possible by blind transmission on the frequency during the times specified below.

Asphalt runway: 800 x 18 m, (2442 x 55 ft) 04L / 22R.
Taxiways: A, B, C. Instruction and procedures for the taxiway system at Borås airport is available for download here (See Procedures for taxiways).
Grass strip: 800 x 50 m, (2442 x 153 ft) 04R / 22L
Reference code 1A.
Low-intensity runway lighting at the runway, PCL by transmitting carrier wave at 123,525 MHz for 10 sec.
Altitude: 179 m / 588 ft MSL

AD Operating hours
Flight may take place:
– Monday–Thursday 0700–2200 LT
– Friday 0700–2000 LT
– Saturday–Sunday and public holidays during September–May 0800–2000 LT
– Saturday–Sunday and public holidays during June–August 0800–1800 LT

Flying activity are NOT allowed during:
– Good Friday, Easter Eve
– Whitsun Eve, Whitsunday
– Midsummer Eve
– The first connected Saturday–Sunday in July
– Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Day after Christmas Day

Repeated touch and go landings, TGL, are not allowed for visiting aircraft or helicopters.

PPR (Prior Permission Required) during November 15th – April 15th due to irregular snow clearance and varying runway condition.

Approach and takeoff
Traffic circuit altitude 1600 ft MSL.
Avoid overflight of noise-sensitive areas SW and NE the airport (in the longitudinal direction of the runways). See markings at the airport map and the approach plate from Svenska Flygfält.
At take-off RWY 22, turn left to course 180° as soon as possible, to avoid overflight av of noise-sensitive buildings.
For gliders right hand traffic circuit to grass strip 04R.
The grass strip is soft at precipitation.
Radio mast 1412 ft and 2107 ft MSL, 7 NM (13 km) bearing 76° from the airfield.

Landing fees
Currently no landning fee is charged from visiting aircraft.

At the airport there are often lively aviation activities.
Parking for visiting aircraft, see the airport map.